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Multi-disciplinary design agency located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which specializes in graphic design, environmental design, visual identity design, experience design, and product design.
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Our Services

What we're good at

A diverse range of design services are available, including graphic design, illustration, experience/environmental design, wayfinding/signage, logo/visual identity, photography, printmaking, poster design, web design, and interior design. Specialty commission pieces are also available in non-traditional mediums. If there is something you need made or designed, chances are Theory can help you with it.


The hospitality industry is a competitive one, where restaurants often need more than just great food to survive. The team at Theory is passionate about the helping aspiring or struggling restaurateurs develop thoughtful and detailed concepts or redesigns of their businesses. Through Theory’s unique combination of experience in the graphic design, architectural/interior design, and culinary industries, we can assist in all aspects of the concept design process, including assistance in developing solid business plans to secure funding, menu development, and service policy development.


A major component of business is the “hustle”. This is often the area of business owners either dislike the most or just simply don’t have time for.

Our team users our extensive experience in writing and design to support our clients by developing an intimate familiarity with their businesses, learning their “language”, and preparing RFP submissions on their behalf. Through careful attention to detail and providing thorough responses to each RFP’s unique questions and requirements, the quality of proposal submissions that Theory prepares stand out clearly from other proponents.

Our goals for RFPs are the same as our clients—to qualify for great projects. Theory is committed to creating distinctive, high-calibre proposals and, even when our clients aren’t selected as the successful proponent, their businesses will be memorable to the entity issuing tender, especially when the next tender opportunity arises.


Theory’s ardent belief in the importance of strategic planning is evident during client consultations. Our team works in close concert with our clients to identify and clarify their business’ goals, break those goals down into tangible tasks with specific metrics attached, and establish a plan where progress and results are evident.

Theory can also assist clients in facilitating stakeholder consultations or in other meetings where many diverse views must be distilled into a single, direct vision for moving forward. Our team acts as a neutral party to mitigate the potential for conflict and asks effective questions that result in positive and constructive discussions.