Theory Design | Our Process
Multi-disciplinary design agency located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which specializes in graphic design, environmental design, visual identity design, experience design, and product design.
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Our Process

Learn about our way of work

Theory was founded on the principal that there is no problem that can’t be solved with through creativity and ingenuity. We approach this principal through the fusion of a wide spectrum of diverse skill sets, building project teams that include a mixture of specialists with directly related experience and professionals with ‘outsider’ views. We believe that this method results in a customer and user-focused solution and that, “In Theory”, we can fulfill any of your business’ needs.

Theory strives for continuous improvement for both our clients and ourselves. We are united by the collective belief that “good enough” is never good enough and that each day is an opportunity to do better than we did yesterday. We believe in educating our clients, educating ourselves, and tirelessly advocating for only the highest quality design solutions.

Our team believes that no dream or idea is too big. In fact, we aim to coax the clients we work with into thinking even bigger! We welcome new challenges, embrace the quirky and eccentric, and execute our work with an unparalleled attention to detail. The clients that are the best fit our agency are the ones who are constantly asking, “what if?”, and seeking results that are truly extraordinary and unique.


Theory firmly believes that nothing we do should be arbitrary. Our strategies are always backed by thoughtful and educated rationale which can be clearly articulated when challenged. Inclusiveness is important to us in our design process, and there will always be an opportunity for solutions to be vetted by owners to ensure their individual needs have been properly addressed prior to final implementation.


Every solution starts with an innnovative idea.


Our solutions take shape on paper, before anyone ever touches a keyboard.


Solutions evolve through a detailed design process, backed by solid research.


Solutions are filtered and refined. Complications are dealt with through ingenuity,


Solutions are vetted using our collaborative, client-inclusive approach.


We are only as successful as our clients successes, which are always worth celebrating!